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Q: What toothpaste do you recommend?

A: Arm & Hammer Complete Care toothpaste has minerals in it to rebuild damaged enamel as well as baking soda which is beneficial for healthy gums.

Q: Does bleaching damage teeth?

A: No. We have been bleaching teeth for 25 years. Occasionally, patients will complain of temperature sensitivity for 2-3 days following treatment. This can be treated by products that relieve sensitivity.

Q: Why do I need fluoride if I’m an adult?

A: Fluoride has been clinically proven to remineralize areas of the tooth that are weak, especially around old fillings and crown margins.

Q: What is a veneer?

A: Porcelain veneers are custom restorations that can change the color and shape of your natural teeth. They are a beautiful, life like, and require minimal removal of tooth structure. Veneers last a long time with good oral hygiene habits.

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