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Oral Health and your Brain/Memory Health

Researchers have found a link between a bacteria that causes gum disease and Alzheimers. This bacteria that originates in the mouth invades and inflames brain regions affected by Alzheimers. This inflammation causes neural damage. The bacteria and the enzymes it releases were found in the brains of 96% of Alzheimers patient’s studied. Higher levels of the bacteria and enzymes were associated with patients who experienced worse cognitive decline.

What does this mean? If we can maintain a healthy mouth with effective brushing and interdental care, and regular dental visits we can lower our chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease. How can we tell we are doing enough? Effectiveness is measured by bleeding. Any bleeding while brushing and cleaning between the teeth indicates an accumulation of bacteria that has not been properly removed. Effective removal of the bacteria can usually be accomplished with daily brushing and any number of interdental aides. All surfaces must be reached to eliminate the bacteria…especially between the teeth. Ask your hygienist at your next appointment if there are any areas you are missing. They can teach you how to reach all areas, using a variety of interdental tools. Oral health equals whole body health, let us help you maintain your optimal overall health.

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